Monday, September 07, 2015

Listen :: Secular Ghost - The Bystander Effect

Words: Linn Branson

Well here's a spooky thing. Secular Ghost is a solo musical project by South Wales vocalist and producer Ryan James. Now if that name initially doesn't shake any cobwebs in the mind, you may be more familiar with the electronic outfit he is one half of: Man Without Country.

'The Bystander Effect', which is the debut release under the new moniker for James and for which he takes sole writing / recording / production and mixing credits, is out today. It is a dark, introspective track, yet alongside the ghostly strains there are glimmers of light, evidenced in scintillating sample effects and combined with synths and beat structures.

'The Bystander Effect' is available now via Bandcamp, accompanied by the instrumental B-side, 'Wormhole #1'.

James recently collaborated with Norwegian veterans Röyksopp. Their track 'Sordid Affair', featuring his hypnotic lead vocals, was the first single taken from their fifth studio album, 'The Inevitable End'.

Photo: Paul Phung

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