Monday, November 30, 2015

Track Of The Day :: My Gold Mask - Connect

Photo: Jason Creps Photography

Words: Ellie Ward

Chicago-based electro-pop three My Gold Mask have been around for a few years now - six, in fact - but it looks like they may have hit big with this cracker of a track from their forthcoming album 'Anxious Utopia', released on March 4 2016 via Moon Sounds Records.

Vocalist Gretta Rochelle may sing “At times I wish that I could disappear,” but one listen to 'Connect' and you're hoping she won't just yet. Her light and shiny vocals take the lead here against Jack Armondo’s angular guitar, and James Andrew’s mix of pounding live and electronic drums, slot in around swirling synths.

"'Connect' is us exploring the pop side of My Gold Mask and letting a little more light into the darkness,” the band relate. “In a time when so many people seem connected through social media and all that, we’re really pulling away from each other in other ways. This is about feelings that come from meeting someone more like you and finding the courage to reach out no matter what anyone else might think."

My Gold Mask play Rosemont Ballroom, Donald E Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL on December 31 (with others).

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