Sunday, February 07, 2016

Track Of The Day :: The Nosuns - Professor 200

Words: Linn Branson

We're not sure but we think there's line in this that goes "There's a girl beside me who smells like a man".

The track in question is 'Professor 200', the lead cut from the just released new album 'PAWRAWNAW' by Scottish outfit The Nosuns.

A quick follow up to last October's 'The Third Line', the Aberdeen-based The Nosuns - Peter on vocals, Jimmi, bass/vocals and a 'Dr Nosun' on drums/synth/samples - seem to turn out somewhat quirky alt-garage-pop tunes: all the 12 tracks on this latest record, are named after people (real or fictitious, you decide) such as 'Mr Choi', 'Hanna McNim', 'Baron Von Barse'.

'Professor 200', like most of the tracks, is a short, sharp, witty two minutes with a catchy earworm type of vibe and of course, that question raising lyric line. If you like something a tad off the mainstream, check out The Nosuns.

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