Saturday, February 20, 2016

[Video] The So So Glos - A.D.D. Life

Brooklyn’s The So So Glos have released the video to their last single 'A.D.D. Life' which came out last month.

Take a look at the Chris Elia-directed clip above.

"‘A.D.D. Life’," says Levi Zaru - a.k.a. Aleksander So So Glo - "is a tribute to overstimulation. Using frenetic editing, the video is a manic snapshot of a day in the life of a So So Glo. It features studio footage from the making of our upcoming record, 'Kamikaze' (with producer John Reis), stock footage of various medical procedures, and the craziness that one encounters on a surreal trip in an age of sensory overload. It's got morning commutes and birthday suits. It's a true Coney Island of the mind."

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