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Live Review :: The Magic Gang + VITAMIN :: The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham - Apr 18 2016

Live Review

The Magic Gang + VITAMIN

The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

April 18 2016

Words/Photos: Rosie Mulhern

I think it goes without saying that The Magic Gang are one of the most talked about unsigned bands around right now. However, if their live shows are anything to go by, I'm placing my bets that in no time at all they're sure to be one of the most talked about signed bands.

VITAMIN are another much talked about band, who have emerged over the last 18 months as a fine support - as they prove once again tonight. In fact, the six-song set is so well-received by their Brum fans that they could easily have been the headliner. With an enthused crowd behind them they moved through both more familiar songs like 'This Isn't Love', ‘To Believe’ -their latest EP title track - to their new single 'Waterfall'. Their show is sharp, lustrous and in Jared Lavelle they have a charismatic frontman.

This was my fourth time seeing Brighton's The Magic Gang, and on each occasion they have seemed tighter and more experienced than the previous time. Tonight is no exception. They opt to throw in some of their new material with the highly addictive 'It Isn't Easy', 'All This Way', 'Only Waiting' and 'Blue For You'; each tune possessing The Magic Gang trademark sound and containing the quality to cause their oh-so-familiar contagious and uncontrollable singalongs. It is rare to see a band's untried and unfamiliar songs being as well-received as theirs, with fans giving just as much energy (if not, more) than with their older tracks and shouting along as best as they could.

The vibe created by listening to their music at home is one that couldn't differ more to their live performance as it is anything but laid-back. Despite this, the same amount of positivity can be felt as hearty singalongs echoed throughout the tiny venue as it was as if it was struggling to hold up with every single line being thrown back at the band as if the crowd had written their songs. It's clear that these guys are having the time of their lives and are enjoying every second with whole band beaming with constant laughs and smiles plastered across their humble faces; which I must say was contagious.

As they close with classic crowd favourite 'No Fun', they give one last frantic burst with frontman Jack Kaye patrolling the stage motioning for the crowd to sing even louder. With the crowd willingly going along with his urging, chaos inevitably broke out with fans being pushed on stage causing mic stands to fall over and leads to be pulled out of guitars. As frantic as it was, neither the band or their fans showed any signs of slowing down. Magic? You got it!

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