Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Great Escape Artist Preview :: WHITE

Continuing our Great Escape festival artist previews, today we take time out with WHITE.

One of the standouts at last year's Great Escape, Glasgow five-piece WHITE return with their array of synth stabs, razor-sharp guitars and even sharper attire. Expect a cacophony of punk noise, huge drums, infectious hooks and an explosive frontman channelling Jacques Brel and Nick Cave.

1. First time at TGE?
Second time round! We made our debut last year to a packed room at Brighthelm, then a second gig a day later at the Prince Albert. It was an
incredible weekend, strolling up the Lanes, catching bands, mostly consuming ice cream and alcohol...

2. Are you a seasoned Escaper as a punter, or a first-time newbie?
Somewhere in-between. We recently played Green Door Store on our UK tour and our tour day off was in Brighton, so we've been getting pretty
well acquainted with the sights and sounds. TGE is Brighton at 500% though,
so we can't wait to get there.

3. Will you be a Brighton day-tripper or staying for the whole event?
We'll be there Friday and Saturday, before scurrying off to Birmingham to continue our joint headline tour with Baby Strange at the Sunflower Lounge.

4. The highlight of your set will be...?
The fireworks display. Or the dancers... But seriously, we promise madness. Come along, bring your dancing shoes, and give us your heart.

5. Where will we be likely to find you after your set: at the bar, on the beach, stuffing fish 'n' chips, or other?
I'll probably sneak off down the Lanes looking for books and clothes...whilst holding a poke of chips and a bottle of Prosecco.

6. Aside from building sandcastles on the beach with your little bucket and spade, what else will you be up to in Brighton?
EVERYTHING. Looking forward to catching a lot of other acts, and catching
up with them. Oh, we're also playing two gigs.

7. Who else playing at TGE are you hoping to see yourself, or would recommend others should put on their must see list?
Tuff Love, Shura, ISLE, Man of Moon, Catholic Action, for starters, and then probably whatever's going on late night at Patterns. Really excited
about playing Patterns this year, every night seemed to end up there last time round.

8. Where and when can we catch you at the festival?
BRIGHTHELM 3:30pm - 4:00pm (Friday 20th May 2016)
PATTERNS 8:15pm - 8:45pm (Saturday 21st May 2016)

9. Any tips for festival goers?
Locate a good falafel shop. It will be your saviour.

10. Complete this sentence: "You must see us at The Great Escape because..."
We love you.

(Questions answered by vocalist Leo Condie.)


The Great Escape takes place at various venues across Brighton between May 19 - 21. Click here for further information.

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