Saturday, April 16, 2016

Watch :: Adelaide's SKIES pull out a fast 'Speed Boy' video

Words: Ellie Ward

Adelaide electro pop trio SKIES have added a video accompaniment to their latest stunning single 'Speed Boy', which made Little Indie's hot top ten of the week at the beginning of April.

Produced by Steven Schram (San Cisco, The Cat Empire, Paul Kelly), 'Speed Boy' is filled with punchy drum, synth grooves and Dusty Stephenson's hard-to-ignore vocals. For the visual treatment, the band teamed up with writer/director Mitchel Tuul.

Inspired by short films and web series, Tuul was adamant that the clip would revolve around a narrative-type structure. Free to create and mould to his heart’s content, the lyrics of the track heavily influenced the formation of the plot.

The story follows a couple in the throes of their youth and the toxicity that arises from the miscommunicated, one-sided nature of their affair. The speed of the clip waxes and wanes as the couple’s relationship tugs at the stability of their mentality.

Watch the clip here.

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