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Live Review :: Coasts :: Club Dada, Dallas, Texas - May 20 2016

Photo: Cameron Brand

Live Review


Club Dada, Dallas, Texas

May 20 2016

Words: Krystal Garcia

Following the release of their well-received, self-titled debut album earlier this year, Coasts embarked on their second North American coast to coast tour of 29 dates.

Since their formation, the Bristol-based band have toured the UK relentlessly, packing out 1,500 capacity venues such as London's Scala and KOKO - a far cry from the 300 capacity Club Dada that they played here in Texas on Friday night.

Taking advantage of the unusually cool Dallas weather, much of the crowd chose to hang out on Club Dada’s large patio between sets. Although the back door was raised allowing show goers to relax on the patio while watching the bands, there was a mass exodus from the patio back into the venue as Knox Hamilton began their set shortly before 10:00PM. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, they brought the energy up Los Campesinos-style with their pop rock sound. Noticeably absent from their set was a live keyboard player - only a slight disservice to an otherwise tight set.

The crowd slightly dissipated with the exit of Knox Hamilton, the front row to be replaced by eager 20-something females no doubt wanting to catch an up close glimpse of the Coasts frontman Chris Caines’ famous head shake.

Taking to the stage the band immediately dive into 'Wallow', perhaps the loudest and most aggressive track on their album. Guitarist Liam Willford and keyboardist David Gouldborn made several motioning signals to the sound engineer over the following three songs - including their latest single, 'Modern Love' - asking for the sound to be turned up. That’s not to say there were any noticeable sound difficulties - it’s just clear that Coasts are very particular about how they present their craft.

Caines proved to be a more than capable frontman. If Dada’s stage was smaller than what he was used to in the UK, he didn’t seem to notice. From walking along its edge greeting the crowd, to literally bending over backwards, he utilized every inch. Gammage stayed by his side most of the way while drummer Ben Street, Willford, and Gouldborn kept everything else on point. Aside from Caines and bass player James Gammage, chemistry between the rest of the band and the crowd was minimal until the triumphant 'Tonight' when band and audience alike seemed to come together. Girls at the front squealed with delight as Caines reached for their hands, and almost everyone in the crowd knew the words to 'A Rush Of Blood' as the familiar chords echoed around the room.

Ending their set with their third single 'Oceans', a climactic love ballad, it proved to be even more massive onstage with the addition of members of Knox Hamilton who joined to give Coasts a final farewell.

If blowing the roof off the place was Coasts' intention, their mission was almost accomplished. “We like it loud,” Caines exclaimed, while signing autographs and posing for photos with fans after the set. By the end of the night, bits and particles from Dada’s ceiling had descended onto fans. A neighboring barbershop even contacted the venue to ask for the volume to be turned down as items were falling off the walls. All of this served to show that Coasts have high aspirations for their next North American tour in the form of larger venues; a feasible goal that they will no doubt accomplish very soon.

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