Saturday, June 04, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Snake Heart Society - The Other Side

Words: LB

One of the great - and sometimes not quite so great - things about listening to an artist you haven't come across before and so have no preconceptions of, is the surprise that ensues when a track turns out to be really something good.

The opening seconds to this latest single 'The Other Side' from Snake Heart Society gently draw you in, while giving no real clue as to where it might go or metamorphosise into, though a slight tingle along the spine was to be felt when the dark delivered vocals kick in.

That it is a much different beast to their previous dance-infused Pet Shop Boys-vibed 'They Don't Want You' is also striking. Oh, and that the duo - Keith Walker and Billy Truant - that comprise Snake Heart Society who sound like an Echo and the Bunnymen hybrid, do not hail from Britain's Northern territories, but from the Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles areas of the US. Although Phoenix-based Walker does in fact originate from Dublin (and has known for work as MILK Parade and Holy Coast) which may in part be why their sound is so strikingly unlike much of that which comes from the other side of the pond.

The pair are currently working on their debut album, 'The Night', expected in August. Meanwhile, check out some of their other tracks on Soundcloud.

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