Sunday, November 20, 2016

Introducing :: Oddity Road

Words: Linn Branson

The rather oddly named Oddity Road are a new bunch of Sheffield-based teens - all four aged 17/18 - who got together earlier this year to make some 'indie rock with a hook and a twist' sounds.

Why 'Oddity Road', we enquired of drummer Ethan Lambert? "When we played our very first gigs we were put on the spot for a name. Dan, our guitarist, had been in a band called The Oddities, and during a quick chat/argument we morphed this into Oddity Road. It was only intended to last one gig as we didn't really like it, but it's stuck with us - or rather we've stuck with it. Without it being by design it has grown on us and one big pay off has been it's a really accessible name. If you Google it you get everything about us straight away. Small bands need to be easily remembered and easily found."

Wise heads on young shoulders, even if they perhaps those heads have been more focused on music than their Sixth Form studies. "Three of us went to the same high school as Drenge," says Ethan. "Though they are a few years older than us." (Which must make the Loveless brothers, barely into their 20s, feel positively ancient. Kids, eh.)

Picking up local gigs - "we played West St live earlier this year to about three people! - which recently included supporting Kong at the Leadmill, they were able to put together some money to ensnt them to get into 2Fly Studio with Alan Smyth. "Alan's a star and really helped us record the few tracks we've put out. The first EP - 'Handshake', 'Lost In The City', 'Elope' - was pretty much done in a day and on a very tight budget. Last month we spent more time doing 'You' and are much happier with the outcome."

Like for most teens these days, Instagram is where it's at, and where they have managed to amass 7,000+ followers, which is no mean feat. "We had a debate last week about whether Facebook is still as relevant," laughs Ethan. "Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram we think are used far more than Facebook by under-18s, so we've concentrated there largely." These boys know their market. "Yeah," he agrees - "we're only crap at coming up with band names! Though it's a grower... maybe."

'You' was released on November 4, and the lads have even got a rather cool looking black and white video to partner it, as you can see above.

Odd name, nice-looking band. Stay tuned; these could soon grow on you too.

Oddity Road play their first gig outside of Sheffield at Ruby Lounge in Manchester on December 23 with Jordan Allen.

Oddity Road are: Jack Heath - vocals, guitar; Dan Brennan - guitar; Joel Gilbourne - bass; Ethan Lambert - drums.


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