Sunday, November 20, 2016

Listen :: WEIRDO reveals all - and a new song too

Words: Linn Branson

In keeping with our Little Indie policy of never featuring anonymous artists, we bypassed WEIRDO initially when first materialising two years ago with online demo ‘Disco’.

Follow-up debut single ‘Butter’, ‘Armanio’, and ‘Attitude’, a more floor-filler indie anthem, were all released earlier this year - though WEIRDO was still well, acting weird, with all this mystery shizz. Now, we are offered yet another release last Friday from Mr. WEIRDO: 'Sapphire'. But this time the difference being he has come out from behind the screen and finally we can call him Josh. For it is Berlin-via-Brighton artist Josh Christopher, formerly of the duo IYES, who is the man behind the sonics.

“'Sapphire'," he enlightens us, "was a track that I wrote a little while ago, and I always felt it deserved a bigger production than the original idea which was more of a ballad. The colour sapphire signifies feeling blue about something, and the song was written based on disappointment and the feelings that surround being let down. There are so many people out there that feel different and weird about the world and socially, don't understand the correct way to act, or what to follow or believe in.

"I think this is a big part of the reason why WEIRDO was born - to write music for the the other weirdos like me. There are no indie icons anymore, no one to stand for the oddballs, no one to encourage them to feel comfortable in their own skin. Music and fashion have become so saturated and fixated on the norm and people have forgotten how to express their uniqueness and embrace their quirks. Music needs someone who stands firm in their weirdness and what they believe in."

A near five-minute downtempo jam of reverbed, part wailing vocal and keys, that gradually builds to introduce crashing cymbals and fuzzy synths; all making ‘Sapphire’ a bit of a dark pop sparkling gem really.

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