Friday, November 18, 2016

Listen :: Lazertits act the boss on new single 'Boss Bitch'

Words: Linn Branson

There are way too many fuckin expletives in this song (if you'll pardon the fucks), which is perhaps somewhat unfortunate if trying to secure national radio airplay; not even entirely sure you could even manage to work a 'clean' edit out of the 2:41 scuzzy guitar filled minutes of 'Boss Bitch', which as its title may infer is a bit of a feisty feminist fucker.

Amy Pettifer, Rose Watson, Emily Goodman, Victoria Jakobsson, and Lexi Love-Dack are the girls who make up Melbourne's garage-brat punk band Lazertits - who we introduced here back in February when they had just unveiled their debut 'Aubergine Dreams' EP.

'Boss Bitch', the new single released at the start of November, may be considered a little ribald to delicate ears, but there's a wry humour and serious intent of workplace gender roles worked into its sharp, pithy lyrics too, to wit: "He said: what's your favourite position? / She said: C.E.O. / He said: can I buy you a coffee sometime? / She said: have it on my desk at 9 / Cos she's not bossy, she's your fucking Boss."

In Melbs this weekend? Then catch Lazertits play The Corner Hotel’s 20th Birthday at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne on Sunday November 20.

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