Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Track Of The Day :: The Great Dictators - Blood

Words: Linn Branson

These crazy Danes. Having been sent some 'Blood' this week (the aural type here fortunately, and not a nasty vial in a brown paper package through the letterbox) by indie rock trio The Great Dictators, described as the 'new' single we see it was apparently out last November, so maybe not so new then?There again, it has been in the last few days newly uploaded to Soundcloud...

But from its eerie start through its close on six minutes of semi-menacing dark sonic textures, we loved it enough to give it some welly here, however old it is. 'Blood' is, in fact, one of nine tracks on the new, third album 'Women' (Royal Toad Records) which is out now on 12" vinyl, and is "the final chapter in their album trilogy 'Holy Creatures'" (who knew?).

The two chord 'Blood' is a raw, uplifting track with layers of distortion, slow-burning guitars (think: My Bloody Valentine) and recordings of womb sounds, a bar piano, a church choir and old analog synths, all go to create something slightly chilling, yet completely absorbing.

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