Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Album Review :: The Amazons - The Amazons


The Amazons

The Amazons

May 26 2017 (Fiction Records)


Words: Alison Mack

The debut album can sometimes be as problematic as the notorious 'difficult' follow-up; either filled to the gills with tracks that have already been knocking around for a few years,  or the quality and overall product fail to ignite as strongly as the live outings.

The Reading rockers here stay close to the middle ground, which is not to say the Catherine Marks produced album is boring or uninspired. Opener 'Stay With Me' shows from the outset in its thunderous grungey guitar approach where the rest of the 11 tracks will follow, or at least, the album's first half: into the sea of guitar-led rock with an onslaught of hammering and pounding drums, with an added indie pop layering.

With riffs churned out are plentiful, from the infectious in ‘In My Mind’ and standout track ‘Black Magic’, to the rocky plethora of the Royal Blood sounding 'Burn My Eyes' and the scuzzy single release, 'Junk Food Forever'.

While the first half of the record is furious and full on, there is a change in space from thereon in; in particular, the indie low-key essence of 'Holy Roller' and the closing stripped back piano ballad 'Palace' show a different Amazons hue.

Not quite as 'on fire' as the cover artwork, but an acceptable debut nevertheless.

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