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Prepare for anything to happen with The Blinders at Camden Rocks - Q+A

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London's Camden Rocks starts rockin the streets of Camden on Saturday June 3.

If you still haven't got around to working out just who to see, we have been suggesting a few names we are banking on over the last week. Here is another of our 'must sees'.


The Blinders are, well, blindingly good, and their live reputation which has proceeded them throughout the last year, has ensured they are not to be missed. The Manchester-based three-piece formerly of Doncaster, are arguably one of the most vital of the current crop of emerging artists, combining visceral political punk rock with enigmatic, psychedelic rawness and poetic overtones.

Camden Rocks - this your first time 'rocking Camden'?

First time at the festival, indeed. It’s an honour. We’re huge fans of Camden itself and have had some wonderful shows there. Hopefully this is one to add to the list.

Do you have any special treats planned for your festival fans on the day?

We’re turning up - isn't that enough?! Ey, we’re only jesting. The show tends to develop pretty organically, we try and do everything in the moment, let the show and the atmosphere take us in whatever direction it feels necessary. Anything could happen.

Do you have a different focus playing festivals to a standard gig?

I’m not sure about a different focus, we don't tend to go about a festival show in a different way. Although, in all fairness, we haven’t done that many. We’re kinda new on this festival scene so maybe ask us again in a couple of months. There is certainly a different challenge. You tend to face a crowd of people who haven’t heard of the band before so you've gotta try and connect, make that impression before they sod off to the bar. It’s all part of the fun.

Where will you be playing and time?

Camden Assembly, 7:30.

What is your favourite song in your set?

'Brutus': it tends to be the last song in the set. Or 'Swine' which has been receiving a warm welcome as of late.

What do you like best about festival gigs?

Festivals are this wonderful opportunity where you get this congregation of musicians and music lovers mingling and simply having a good time. There tends to be a wonderful vibe at festivals, a bit more of an atmosphere of excitement. Maybe that’s just down to the day drinking, who knows.

Ever had a festival disaster?

We’ve had many an onstage disaster, too many to record or remember. I’m not sure if there’s been any festival mishaps, but of course now that’s us jinxed - being the superstitious lot we are.

Can you remember the first festival you ever went to as a punter?

The wonderful event that is Leeds Festival. The festival of camp chair stealers. The perfect place if you’re 16/17. It’s the festival we all attended together first, and the first festival we played so it’s really a bit special for us.

Before or after the crowds catch your set at Camden Rocks, who else would be your festival must-see tip?

Our close friends in Avalanche Party are a must catch. Believe they're playing Be At One at 5pm.

Who else will you try and see on the day?

We were fortunate enough to support The King Blues a few months back at the Academy in Manchester who put a great show on, so will be cool to see those guys again. We’ll most likely take a wander, see what we can find.

Find out more about The Blinders here.

For tickets and further information on Camden Rocks, head here.

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