Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Cardiff's indie noir Silent Forum share 'Limbo' from forthcoming debut EP

Credit: Lung/Soul Photography

Words: Linn Branson

Last July we featured the five-piece Silent Forum, the then newly formed (from the ashes of previous band, the curiously named How I Faked The Moon Landing), Cardiff indie noir outfit.

Silent Forum say their present style of music is less 'poppy' than what they put out under their old guise. Their debut EP, 'Brief Collapses', which is released on August 13, may give an idea of that.

In advance of the release they have aired a few tracks, of which 'Nameless', which we previously featured here is one. Second out of the traps is 'Limbo' which came out last Friday (April 28).

“Limbo is the closest thing we have to a pop song," says vocalist Richard Wiggins, "but it’s still pretty unconventional. None of the instrumentation develops in the way you’d expect”. 'Pop' may be loosely applied, however, as largely through Wiggins' darkly brooding vocal, 'Limbo' still
focuses on that echo of sharp post-punk guitar riffs and atmospheric melodies.

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