Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Track Of The Day :: Rhumba Club - Reunion

Words: Linn Branson

Back in 2015, Tom Falle was a 'Happy Tim' with synthpop outfit Teddy.

Now that the cuddly sounding Teddy are no more, its former lead singer and writer has, says the presser, 'been obsessively listening to WHAM! and Erasure'. Now depending on your musical proclivity, that may or may not strike a note of alarm into your senses.

But while there is a certain essence of the 80s about this new work 'Reunion' from Tom's fledgling project Rhumba Club, his use of congas and synth panflutes all aglow in sun-ripened splendour, - while lyrically referencing Adidas t-shirts and themes of awkward emotional meetings with an ex - give the track a zazzy lift, and Tom brings the same lustrous quality vocally here as he did previously.

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