Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Listen :: Melbourne singer-songwriter Didirri shares heart-wrencher 'Jude'

Credit: Hugo Sharp

Words: Leah Raymond

Ooh-ooh-ooh, I like this. A slow-burning, soul-etching, spine tingler is what 22-year-old Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Didirri has put out.

Following 'Blind You' from a few months ago, 'Jude' is another track from this very promising newcomer's debut EP, due out soon, that I for one can't wait to hear.

The indie-folk artist has a way with vocal and instrumental simplicity and honest, meaningful lyricism as 'Jude' is a song on two layers: one, recognising his brother who is autistic, and his dog of the same name.

"I have a close relative with autism; a person whom I love very dearly," he explains. "He is like a rock to me. And for anyone who has grown up with an autistic sibling will know, the small things in life stress them out whilst the big things just keep sliding on with no stress at all. Part of this song is an expression of coming home to this every day of my youth, and realising that life is a lot simpler than you think and you should just stop worrying so much.

"This song is also about Jude, a dog. A dog whom I love very dearly. Some dogs, through anxiety, can development an obsession with shadows. And although this might have been triggered by one party too many, this is the case for Jude. She's a beautiful and smart animal but she pays undivided attention to shadows (the things in life that aren't real). If only she could pay attention to the faces right in front of her."

Didirri has a number of gigs dates coming up in Oz, including BIGSOUND festival. Find out more on Facebook

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