Friday, November 10, 2017

Live Review :: Trampolene :: Jimmy’s, Manchester - Nov 9 2017



Jimmy’s, Manchester

November 9 2017

Words/Pictures: Danny Shackleton

After headlining stages at some of the biggest festivals around the country and releasing their long awaited and, quite frankly, astonishing, debut album, it was finally time for Trampolene’s debut album tour for This Feeling, making its final stop tonight in Manchester. A band like this in a venue as small and intimate as Jimmy’s was always going to be special, with this venue in particular fast becoming the place in Manchester to see the best new bands.

A packed downstairs room eagerly awaited the arrival of Jack Jones and co., who walked on to their very own poem ‘Artwork of Youth’, written about Jack's life at school and a very original way to enter onto the stage for a band. Igniting the spark for this colossal set was ‘It’s Not Rock & Roll’ complete with a ‘7 Nation Army’ interlude. As if frontman Jack couldn’t grab your attention enough whilst on stage, he made sure that every eye the room was on him thanks to the dashing hi-vis jacket he was sporting. All the songs performed tonight have a classic anthemic quality that you can never get bored of coupled with heartfelt and personal lyrics.

First poem of the set ‘Ketamine’ had everyone reciting the lines back to Jack, with one member of the crowd taking it to the next level by actually taking said drug in front of the band, much to everyone’s surprise ...each to their own I guess. Live epic ‘Storm Heaven’ sees the band go to new heights, quite literally with Jack climbing the pipes on the ceiling during this song. He did declare as he walked on that he wanted to see footprints on the ceiling, but I highly doubt he thought they would be his own!

Unfortunately, some people took the end of this song to be the end of the set, including the sound man, but those in the know knew there was one last hurrah from Jack and that was 'Poundland' (Shabah do wah, Shabah do way) without the microphone due to it been switched off, as the remaining crowd gathered around gazing up to the genius that stood before them.

Not many bands could start and end a set with a poem and still be considered a rousing success with everyone demanding more but this is a testament that me and many others, consider to be the genius of Mr. Jones and with the platform of the band he has the perfect way to express this talent. With a diehard fanbase already in place ready to grow exponentially thanks to the effect these guys have on an individual - no one goes home disappointed from a Trampolene gig – the next few years should see this band reach the very top such is the skill on offer and how relatable they are, a truly special band indeed!

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