Saturday, December 16, 2017

Introducing / Track Of The Day :: Dead Blue - Tenderstem

Words: Linn Branson

When you go down to the shops today... after listening to this debut single by Dead Blue, you may think twice when browsing the aisles for your broccoli and sprouts.

'Tenderstem' is one of those songs you immediately give your attention to through the opening lines: "Saw you in the supermarket vegetable aisle / I was supposed to pick up onions / but I picked out your smile."

The guitar lines are particularly lovely, and the build up with organ and drums develops the song nicely around Alex Sharples' deadpan vocal. It's a grower!

The Newcastle-based trio are as new as fresh veg themselves, forming only in September and this being their first track laid down at Loft Studios.

As for the inspiration behind 'Tenderstem'....

"Well, it all really stemmed from Alex being on a bit of a health kick, like starting going to the gym and actually eating fruit and vegetables," guitarist Ryan Baker tells Little Indie.

"He was putting a load of veg in the fridge when he saw 'Tenderstem' on a packet of broccoli and thought it was a weirdly nice sounding word. He initially suggested it as a band name but we didn't go for it. Then a bit later on we were sat in the steam room at the gym and he started pissing around thinking of melodies to fit with it and by the time we'd come out he'd got the chorus and pre-chorus down. He sang it to me and we liked it so it went from there."

We can't wait for the video.

Dead Blue play their maiden gig at The Cluny in Newcastle on February 17 2018.

Dead Blue are: Alex Sharples - (lead vocals, drums), Ryan Baker - (vocals, guitar), Matthew Hunt - (bass).

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