Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Watch :: Liam Gallagher gets interviewed by a group of kids

Words: Ellie Ward

It's not a scenario that would automatically spring to mind, despite Liam Gallagher being a dad of several kids himself. But here is 'Uncle Liam' with a bunch of small children putting some questions to him, the likes of which many a grown up interviewer has probably quelled at doing for fear of being told to 'fuck off, man'.

Watch as Liam gets the third degree on "How do you deal with your anger management issues?", “What’s your favorite fart?” and “If you play a good song in a concert, do you get sweets after?” And of course, brother Noel gets a mention too. “I had a brother who played the guitar. He’s naughty. And he’s not much bigger than you, actually.”

Watch above.

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