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Live Review :: Peace :: Omeara, London - Feb 13 2018

Credit: Dan Rhodes



Omeara, London

February 13 2018

Words: Beth Atkinson

"You keep knocking at the door of delirious glory / but there's never an answer," run the lines of their latest single 'Power', but for Peace tonight there seemed to be one big answer: outstanding, glorious and defining. Bringing out their guitar-driven anthems to a sold out show, this return to the London stage for the VO5 NME Awards Shows 2018, was an out and out winner.

Having been fairly quiet since their second album ‘Happy People’ tour in 2015, this night marked Peace’s return. Having previously released two new singles, ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ and more recently ‘Power’, the hype was booming in London's tiny venue, Omeara.

The night started with support from the female-fronted trio The Mysterines. The bands sound was punchy and up beat with punk and blues vibes. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for in 2018. All warmed up from The Mysterines set, the crowd were stood eagerly for Peace to come on.

Amongst the buzz of the crowd, the lights went down and the band stroll onto the tiny stage. Frontman Harry Koisser, styling a red suit and silk shirt, walks on in sunglasses and the intro to ‘Power’ begins with the entire crowd singing the first line, “I’ve got the power, I know it’s true…”. It was like they had never been away.

Credit: Beth Atkinson

Playing new tunes and old, the setlist was filled with hits from both albums including ‘Money’, ‘I’m A Girl’, ‘Bloodshake’ and ‘California Daze’, as well as ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ and a new tune ‘Kindness Is The New Rock ‘n’ Roll’  - played acoustically by Harry - which will both feature on their upcoming third album, out in May. ‘1998’, from the 'Delicious' EP, is a song, that personally, hit me the most that night. There’s not many bands that can play a 10-minute song live and still have the entire crowd going for it by the end.

The excitement of the fans and the atmosphere of the venue, just added to the experience of hearing every tune; people were up on shoulders, crowd surfing, moshing, dancing and singing their hearts out. Not much was said by Harry or the band throughout the set, but it seemed no one needed introductions to the songs anyway - they already knew them. Harry did make a comment about the lack of talking and how he’s “supposed to be entertaining”, but anyone in that crowd that night would know that it was more than entertaining.

Ending the night with ‘Lost On Me’, Peace certainly left the crowd wanting more. And although they did not do an encore, for the small number of people who managed to get tickets for the gig, it won’t be a gig that’ll be forgotten in a hurry.

Credit: Daniel Cole

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