Saturday, April 07, 2018

Melbourne songstress Poppy Rose delivers spellbinding second single 'Lost'

Credit: Nova Stella Photography

Words: Linn Branson

She released her debut single 'Ocean' last year, now 21-year-old Melbourne songstress Poppy Shepherd has followed it up with another emotive and endearing new track: 'Lost'.

The melancholic pop number by the artist known publicly as Poppy Rose, lyrically expresses her dealings with mental health issues, and can be seen as much a cathartic exercise as it is intended to bring the subject to a larger audience.

Her somewhat different vocal style (with a quasi-rap influence) is compelling and haunting, and it's hard not to be moved by her heartfelt delivery and lyrics.

"I’m holding onto a thread / And I can barely cope / I’m holding onto this pain I have / And it’s taking all of my hope / But then I speak out / All the demons inside of me I breathe out / And I let go of my past"

She says of the song that she describes as a "special one to me", that it is "about realising your inner demons and finding the strength to overcome them through speaking out. I wanted to share a vulnerable part of myself with the world and not feel ashamed or afraid to do so. I feel like many of us hold in so many feelings and emotions that build up over time and take over our lives. We don’t share them because we are afraid of coming across as ‘not perfect’ but in truth, everyone knows that no one is perfect.

"It takes a strong human to be able to speak out and share their vulnerabilities and I wrote this song because I found so much strength in myself when I spoke about what was holding me back and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible in hope that I might inspire or resonate with someone who feels lost and let them know that there is always a way out."

Listen to 'Lost' below.

Poppy will play The Workers Club in Fitzroy, Victoria on April 26.

Find out more on Poppy via Facebook

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