Thursday, April 05, 2018

Watch :: Thanks Brother - We Are Different

Words: Sam Geary

Irish duo Thanks Brother - Róisín O and John Broe (formerly of The Coronas) - unveiled this debut single 'We Are Different' last month through independent Blix Street Records.

Produced by Broe and Ciaran Bradshaw at Beechpark Studios just outside Dublin, it was written "as an anthem about being different," says Róisín. "We are all different yet the world is full of people who would judge, exclude, fear or hate people on those differences rather than accept them. Hopefully, the song will connect for different reasons with different people, but the meaning will always be the same."

Thanks Brother have now also released their self-directed video to accompany Róisín O's stunning, Kate Bush-like voice, and tribal, pounding drums.

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