Saturday, May 12, 2018

Listen :: Brighton's School Disco 'Kill A King' before upcoming tour

Words: Amelia Callister

School Disco are the sort of band that you just know you'd be likely to hear John Peel playing if he were still around in record streaming mode.

As he isn't, but we are, we bring you the Brighton-based-via-Plymouth three-piece (Rory Lethbridge, Laur Underwood and Troy Holty) in his place. Don't be misled by the 'Disco' part of the name, as what they do is as far removed from the Bee Gees as white hot death metal; 'School' is s misnomer too: these lads look well above the leaving-age.

Back at the end of March they released a rather interesting part-experimental, part-spacey, part-psych, four-track EP, 'Look To The Sky', which was like a breath of fresh seaside air blowing over the stale urban spew of similar-sounding production line bands.

I really love this EP. That it deserves wider notice goes without saying - so listen now on the link above. 'Yellowman' and the near-seven-minute closer, 'Waxmage', are particularly sonic-o-rific.

It was, therefore, with some eagerness I took to the headphones for a listen to their upcoming new single, out on May 18 via Pink Ink Records: 'Kill The King'. And I shall be honest here and say that if this was my first introduction to School Disco, I wouldn't be anywhere near as impressed as I was on hearing 'Look To The Sky'. It may well be one of those that slowly seaps into the consciousness after the nth hearing, but having tried it a few times already now, it's still not working for me.

But don't let me put you off; try them for yourselves.

After having supported Wolf Alice last year, they are now about to kick up on tour in their own right.

Live dates

19 LONDON The Islington
21 BRIGHTON Prince Albert
22 BATH St James Wine Vaults
23 BRISTOL The Old England
25 FALMOUTH Woodlane Social Club
26 PLYMOUTH The Underground
38 BRIGHTON The Hope & Ruin

23 PLYMOUTH Underground

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