Thursday, May 31, 2018

The 1975 debut new single ‘Give Yourself A Try’ - with TWO new albums to follow

Words: Ali Mack

After months of rumours, speculation, silences and social media blackouts, at last, on the final day of May we get to hear new material from The 1975.

Debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show this evening (May 31), ‘Give Yourself A Try’ has arrived. And not only that, but it seems that everyone was sold a pup over the proposed title of the band's third full-length, which is not to be called ‘Music For Cars' at all.

A press statement reveals that ‘Give Yourself A Try’ is “the first single from their third studio album ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’" and speaking on BBC Radio, frontman Matty Healy said that: “The first album will be in October, the other will be in May of next year. I’m not gonna stop doing the 1975 now. I’m not gonna do three albums, I’m gonna do loads of albums.”

And while it was previously thought this third album would mark the end of The 1975 era, in fact, well, it's not.

“I’m not going to stop doing the 1975 now," Healy went on to say. "I’m not only going to do three albums. I couldn’t bare the idea of it. 'Music For Cars' is going to be an era, then. It starts with two albums. We’ve got two albums, ‘A Brief Inquiry…’, and when I come in later in the year I’ll tell you about the other one. It’s not going to be a double album, because that would be prog and annoying. It’ll be two completely independent statements. It’s partially because there’s too much to say to only do one record."

“We’re not going to tour this year,” he added. “We’re going to start touring in January and we’re gonna tour for ages.”

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