Monday, June 25, 2018

Bakers Eddy share their 'day in the life of' video to 'Good Decisions'

Words: Linn Branson

Our favourite Melbs-via-NZ punk rockers Bakers Eddy - who Little Indie first noted back in April in our Down Under tracks, released their infectious bruiser ‘Good Decisions’ in the UK on June 1, shortly after they had impressed us with their appearance in the UK at The Great Escape.

Now the lively bunch share their Fagan Wilcox and Gina Somfleth (of Popcandi)-directed video for the track, which comes from their EP ‘I’m Not Making Good Decisions’, and which they wrote after moving from New Zealand to Australia.

"We were all living together for the first time, in a new country and probably having too much fun," explains the band about the attitude-charged song.

Recorded with producer, drummer and songwriter Tom Larkin, ‘Good Decisions’ was originally composed on two chords, A and C, which is why the words "see" and "aye" are scattered throughout the first verse. The song was only intended to be a bit of fun but ended up being one of the strongest tracks on the upcoming EP.

The video shows a day in the life of the band, while living together in a house they suspect might have been a swingers’ pad in the past, as “there is a fully working spa bath in the middle of our hallway - you can see Jamie sleeping in it in the video."

Take a look-see here.

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