Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Listen :: Toronto's Teddybear releases fourth part of project: 'Not in a car!'

Words: Sam Geary

Mr. Teddybear from Toronto has a bit of a grower here. We weren't too sure on first hearing of 'Not in a car!' whether we liked it enough or not. But now after quite a few plays, we can safely say it has rather won us over.

This latest track seemingly forms part of an ongoing 'Bread & Butterflies' musical project, with this being "the 4th chapter of the story".

Over a bright instrumental with resonant deep beats from frequent collaborator Hudson Alexander (smrtdeath, HUSH., BRICK), Teddy paints a picture of remorse after a relationship, with his deep, gravelled vocal.

“'Not in a car!' describes feeling ‘broken’ despite attempts to move on from someone - that painful moment of realization that ‘they’ were more similar to us than we thought," he says. "'How could I have been so rude, to feel I knew what’s best for you? But you had nights from before I knew you...'"

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