Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Hailey’s Comet - My Mermaid Lady

Credit: Seamus Burgess

Words: Leah Raymond

Follow-up to recent debut single 'Nurse Nancy', Hailey’s Comet share 'My Mermaid Lady', released last Friday (June 15).

The Bristol-based indie rockers seem to have a penchant for light-hearted tunes and catchy guitar hooks that are geared to raising a smile on listeners faces. With their 'Nurse Nancy' they sang the praises of nursing staff, while here they erm, big up mermaids....or not. "She's always coming up daisies"... after "studying marine biology"... and "always smoking seaweed" anyway.

From its rather watery sounding opening, the track picks up into a real infectious little singalong number that's hard to resist.

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