Thursday, July 05, 2018

Lauren Lakis is trying to ‘Lead Us On’ - and we love it!

Words: Ellie Ward

The Los Angeles-via-Baltimore 'romantic beach goth' Lauren Lakis is a bit of a grower on this lead single from her 'Ferocious' debut solo album, released June 22 via Cavity Search Records.

‘Lead Us On’ immediately grabs the attention with gritty guitars and its resonating melodies of a lo-fi garage persuasion, but it is really Lakis' velvet smooth vocal that is the standout, and certainly one that you want to hear more of.

The album is a culmination of these past experiences folded with a recent personal tragedy. In collaboration with producer Billy Burke, Lakis explores the full spectrum of the grieving process against a backdrop of shoegaze inspired guitars, haunting synths and deep-driving beats. Thematically, the work narrates the stages of grief in chronological order. With the desire to express something human and honest, Lakis takes it upon herself to say the things that most people feel uncomfortable to say, “whether it’s a lost love, or a new love that sets me ablaze, both are equally inspiring to me”.

Listen to 'Lead Us On' below, and check out the album in full here.

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