Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Watch :: Our Girl share stop motion animation video for 'In My Head'

Words: Sam Geary

After revealing the track last month, Our Girl now share the Tayo Kopfer-directed stop motion animation video for ‘In My Head’.

The track comes from their debut album ‘Stranger Today’ which is released on August 17 through Cannibal Hymns.

“We took inspiration from a film we love called Science of Sleep, which has a lot of weird and wonderful surreal imagery in it," says frontwoman Soph Nathan. "It uses stop motion and other beautiful and psychedelic techniques to explore the cross over between dreams and reality. We wanted to create a similar world for ‘In My Head’.

"The song explores the claustrophobia of love and regret, and the lyrics toe the line between the reality of a situation, vs the alternate version in your head, of how you wish something could have gone. It felt natural to us to use stop motion to create that feeling, and Lauren had the idea that our heads could be opening up with all sorts of imagery and thoughts coming out. Tayo took that idea and made something really cool!”

Watch above.

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