Thursday, October 11, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Red Telephone remember Cardiff's 'Victoria Park' in new single

Credit: Rhianedd Sion

Words: Sam Geary

Digitally released on October 19 via Libertino Records / Ghost Disco Singles Club, 'Victoria Park' is the new single from Cardiff-based Red Telephone.

Following 'Kookly Rose' from the start of the year, there's a more mellow pace to the psychedelic track that could easily have arrived straight from the Sixties, and its reflective, somewhat melancholy feel comes from singer Declan Andrews' "loose recollections" of Victoria Park in Cardiff where he used to go as a child.

"I didn’t set out to write about that place but the core song and lyrics came out quickly. It’s mainly just a rumination over the passing of time condensed into a song and Victoria Park just happens to be the place used as a springboard to explore those ideas," he explains. "It’s probably because Victoria Park has quite recognisable monuments such as the pool and bandstand which are easy to recall, even if they were peripheral to my experiences there when I was younger. There’s something romantic about parks anyway and there seems to be a strong relationship between parks and time too, especially with the memorandum benches and how a lot of them don’t change all that much compared to the people who visit them."

Listen below.

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