Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Best new tracks Down Under #35

With the vibrant indie music scene in Australia and New Zealand constantly outshining much of the output from their British and American cousins, Little Indie picks our weekly bunch of some of the best new tracks on offer.


Last heard from in the summer of 2019 with debut EP 'Now I'm Ready To Start', Sydney's pop-rock trio Sinclaire have delivered 'I Needed You', and now the relationships inspired 'Let's Fly To Rome', this year. Dreamy synths and gauzy vocals fuse on a song "about wanting to escape from normality with somebody special," says frontman Michael Cross. "It's a euphoric daydream fuelled by love, sporadic decisions and a complete disregard for rational thinking. When I wrote the song I had feelings for a girl who lived in another city. I sat down and pictured packing my things and leaving my repetitive day-to-day life to go on this grandiose adventure with her."


Melbourne-based musician Josh Cashman unveiled this latest track a few weeks ago, teasing his debut album, 'Now I'm Twenty-Five', out on September 18. Melodic, breezy alt-folk with a soulful, funk-reggae edge. "For me, it’s an honest reflection of coming of age," he says of the track. "So much time has passed by, so quickly and it’s almost like an all of a sudden, 'holy shit I’m kind of supposed to be an adult right?' Seeing new phases of life through friends graduating and moving on to the real world, both of my siblings having kids now, and observing an evolution of the people around me made me channel more thoughts into my own development as a person, I guess. The person I grew up thinking I would be at this time is completely contrasting, and not in a bad way. I think that reflection is where the song stemmed from."


Brisbane alt-pop chanteuse Chloe Minogue teams up with fellow Brissy, producer Melrose, for the second time this year after 'Save My Number', for this new smooth, melodic track, released September 1. The sub-three minutes meld subtle beats with Chloe's seductive vocal dressing, accompanied by Melrose's harmonies.


Adelaide's indie-pop singer-songwriter Stellie released her self-titled debut album at the end of August, from which this lead single comes. "This song was written the first day I met Alex Markwell, who ultimately ended up producing the majority of the EP. I came into this session with only one lyric in mind - ‘I’m too old to die young, so I don’t want to die at all’. Then after a few hours and a bottle of red, 'Colours' was born. I don’t even really know what the song is about, I basically said to Alex that I don’t care if the lyrics don’t make any logical sense, I just want to nail the overall feeling it emulates."


Released last week, the infectious new single from Melbourne electronic alt-pop artist and producer Thommy Wilson is the first taste of his upcoming EP 'Departures', out September 25. 'Somewhere' combines upbeat instrumentals with a reflective, yet hopeful, lyrical tone. "Writing this song helped me reflect on experiences, and reconcile old memories and unfinished conversations. It stemmed from watching someone close to me go through a challenging situation, and became an appreciation of the human condition - effectively just balancing the highs and lows of life on a day to day basis."


Credit: Hayden Buchanan 

Sydney duo Darren Morilla and Oliver Dela Cruz make catchy electro/disco, dance-infused jams with R&B/hip-hop influences thrown in. Following April's ‘Nonchalant’, they continue experimenting in that realm on this new drop. “The song is about dodging bullets, bad vibes and energies, while also dishing back on those back who taunt you. It’s almost like a pep talk to yourself, to psych yourself up to speak up for yourself, own what you have and not letting anyone bother you with their negativity.”

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