Monday, February 22, 2021

Track Of The Day :: Pretty Happy - Salami

Credit: Nicholas O'Donnell

Words: Izzy Butler 

A crashing, quirky three minutes from Irish art-punk band Pretty Happy - which could well be either make you instantly joyous, or shielding your ears! A definite Marmite monster here, we think.

The self-produced track from the Cork-based trio create a volume of all kind of industrial-like, post-punk noises on the off-kilter 'Salami'. Edgy bass, drums and heavy guitar emitting eerie, off-pitch tones, while the vocal lines battle each other for attention. 

From a demonic grocery list to a monologue about the dangers of processed pork, ‘Salami’ sets Pretty Happy up for the release of their new EP later this year.

Tuck in.

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