Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Track Of The Day :: Zola Blood - Good Love

Words: Alison Mack

Zola Blood started picking up attention with their indie electronica with debut single 'Grace' and follow-up 'Meridian' earning the London-based act attention and further praise, Zola Blood now return with more in their line of dark, minimal, intricately arranged and diligently produced works.

'Good Love' is the new single from their upcoming debut album, 'Infinite Games' (due later this year). We heard the first taste of this full-length last summer with 'Heartbeat' and 'Islands' at the close of the year, and with this latest they continue to submerge the listener in layers of subtle melancholic pop-soul with a hypnotically steady beat, filled with pulsing synths in the band's typical style.

“'Good Love'," theg tell us, "is about finding the good times and staying there. We wanted to write a song that was rhythmically repetitive and that keeps you in one place, so the chords and the beat are the same – it’s a song to find happy oblivion to."

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