Sunday, March 11, 2018

New South London project YUKON reveal 'The Right To Wreck Myself' as part of monthly video drop plan

Words: Sam Geary

Coming out of an attic in South London, YUKON is a brand new audio visual collective, consisting mainly of three members - Charlie Pelling, Marcus Rice and Peter Wright - but involving audio and video collaborations with other artists.

Their aim for 2018 is to release one song with a music video every month, collaborating with a large, ever-growing community of young artists, musicians and film makers.

February's offering is housed in the glitchy electronic beats of 'The Right To Wreck Myself', which they describe as "a celebration of embracing self-sabotage, dancing around the sensation of triumph, and resignation when we manage to stumble out of mind so frequently, accepting the inevitability of being locked out."

The black & white video was shot and edited in one take by YUKON, where a ghostly spirit "drifts and weaves its way into breaking out shadows to find a former space, perhaps the very same where it once signed away a flickering face?"

More information on YUKON on Facebook

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