Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Best new tracks Down Under #34

With the vibrant indie music scene in Australia and New Zealand constantly outshining much of the output from their British and American cousins, Little Indie picks our weekly bunch of some of the best new tracks on offer.


Credit: James Hornsby

After Brisbane artist Briskey made his electro/alt-pop debut last year with ‘Nothing To Lose’, he precedes his forthcoming first EP with this infectious new track, with a touch of 90s George Michael to it in places. "The essence of the song is about a drive for a sense of purpose and trying to find that sense of accomplishment that came so easily when I was a child. Finding the road to that kind of state of mind is often challenging but it also reminds me not to give up.”


Produced by Repairs' Martin Phillips, this is the lead track from Auckland, NZ punk three-piece Coffin Club's 'Nowhere Nowhere' debut EP, released last week. Three and a half minutes of synth-inflected, fast-paced, fuzzy melodics.


Melbournw singer-songwriter DIDIRRI returns ahead of his 'Sold for Sale' EP, out on September 25, with new single, ‘The Critic’. “The act of criticising something can often ruin it. It may seem like the most intelligent move to analyse your every action but make sure you don’t over correct and start to see things beyond what is actually going on. Love needs to be free of criticism to flourish. You aren’t the expert in your relationship; you are half of the team and half of the problem," he says of the beautifully constructed and produced number.


Canberra-based ARCHIE are back with a down-tempo new track after the upbeat 'Blink'. Released a few days ago, the track is really owned by the laid-back melodics, the sax jams, and dreamy, melancholic flow. "'Running To' is about meeting someone in the right place at the wrong time and choosing to pursue your connection with them regardless of the predicted outcome," say the quartet.


The alt-pop project of childhood friends, Brisbane-based Harry Pratt and Henry Anderson. Syrup’s new single ‘Sun’ is a vibrant and warm release, produced by Pratt, is their second release for 2020 and combines shimmery synths with their signature sweet production, infectious pop conventions with electric synths. "The idea for 'Sun' ame when spring was handing over to summer, jumpers were coming off and I was spending every other day in a mates pool," says Pratt.


A chilled alt-pop gem from Sydney duo dekleyn. Taken from their self-titled debut album, out on October 7, the self-produced 'What We Could Be' is an electro-pop three and a half minutes of lush electronics and laid-back beats, glazed with smooth vocal harmonies. "This song came out super quick and basically all at once. We were pretty much all set with our album tracks, but there was one song that we weren’t so keen on but decided to keep pushing ahead with it. Then one day this new demo idea came along and we instantly knew it had to be a part of the album, so we switched the two songs and ‘What We Could Be’ was created."

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